LENNOX AC/Evaporator Coil: Class Action Lawsuit Thomas v. Lennox Industries Inc.



What does this mean to you:

1. All Evaporator coils purchased and installed between October 29, 2007 and July 9, 2015, from the manufacturers of Lennox brand, Aire-Flo brand, Armstrong Air brand, AirEase brand, Concord brand, or Ducane brand leak refrigerant.

2. Let us take a look a closer look as to why this is important;

Refrigerant does two things in an Air Conditioning System.

<a>. the refrigerant mixes with oil inside of the crankcase of your compressor travels through the refrigerant piping, metering device, evaporator and back to your compressor to properly lubricate the system.

<b>. Cools your compressor.

3. An improperly undercharged refrigerant system reduces proper lubrication of the compressor, and does not cool the compressor as efficiently. As one can guess this can cause major problems wit the heart of your AC system. A compressor change, especially a compressor burn out is the most expensive repair to your AC system. Upwards of $1500-$2000. This kind of expense will normally lead to purchasing a new AC condensing system.

4. How to avoid this costly repair:

Have your system checked by a reputable and knowledgeable AC company.